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One part gear, two parts philosophy our topic today is what I carry when I'm not working as a cop or security guard. As usual, my views aren't "cool" but I think you will find them interesting and maybe even learn something along the way.

What do cops keep in their trunks? Rifle? Plate carrier? Shotgun? Law books? Traffic tickets? Parking tickets? Let's take a look inside!

This "bulletproof vest" really takes a beating! Today we are testing the vest against a variety of ballistic threats and giving away a vest for free. Police officers, Security, EMS and public safety workers of all kinds need to have body armor for their protection.
The duty belt is just one small piece of our Police edc or security edc. Let's look at the whole picture...


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Parking Tickets: How They REALLY Work

We’ve all gotten’em. We’ve all paid the fines associated with ’em – well, almost everyone. Are you curious about Parking Tickets? Wonder if the system is rigged against you or against those who are “poor?” Think there’s a time a time of the month that they’re issued more liberally? There’s only one way to find out about Parking Tickets and how they REALLY Work. Check out this episode of The Free Field Training Podcast where Officer Tommy talks about it all and answers your questions one at a time, in turn…

Thieves In Law Enforcement

Being a new member of any law enforcement is already filled with perils of all kinds. Who’d have thought that you’d have to anticipate raising the shields from those around you? There are MANY reasons to be careful when it comes to thieves that get dollars in their eyes when they know someone “new” has arrived. Tommy talks about it all and answers your questions inside this episode of The Free Field Training Podcast…


Are SEcurity Guards Doing Too Much?

Personnel in the Security industry can always learn something new when it comes to interacting and working with members of the local police department when they arrive on-scene. You might think that the details are obvious but there’s a lot more to making the experience beneficial for all. Check out some great details generated by experience as well as the answers to YOUR FEEDBACK with Tommy inside this episode of The Free Field Training Podcast…

Unloading Guns

While you may think that unloading a gun (whether it be a revolver or semi-automatic variety, etc) is “easy” the fact is that you will eventually meet someone inside of the Public Safety Personnel crowd that do not know how to accomplish this. Check out some great tips, tricks and details on how to ensure the SAFE intake of guns and tasers with Tommy inside this episode of The Free Field Training Podcast…

Why Cops Use .40

The debate is a regular one, but the details, numbers and statistics make the choice clear. Be sure to listen to this episode of The Free Field Training Podcast to learn why “Cops Use .40…”

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   Tommy is a 10 year municipal police officer working in the south Chicagoland area. In his former life he was a truck driver and worked at a Boy Scout camp. He works as a Field Training Officer (among other things) teaching new probationary officers the things the academy doesn't. He also works as a freelance security guard on the side.

   Free Field training was his brainchild. It started out as an experiment to make training videos on mundane law enforcement topics like how to take good notes and tell if money was fake so that he could save his voice instead of having to talk for eight hours a day and allow him to get his paperwork done.

   Tommy considers his greatest accomplishments to be the careers of the officers he has trained. He hopes one of them will be chief some day so that he can land a nice cush desk job his last few years on the force.